EV home charging: get the right charger for your vehicle

EV home charging cable plugged in to back left red light of a matte silver  car on a driveway.

As electric vehicles become more popular, EV charging points are popping up in more public places.

But there’s nothing quite like the luxury of having a personal EV charging unit at home.

After the effort of finding the right car, finding the right charging unit shouldn’t be a hassle. That’s why we’ve connected withRightchargeto help youfind the right charger for your vehicle, from the right installer, and all for the right price.

Here’s everything you need to know about EV home charging units.

Should I get an EV home charging unit?

If you can, definitely.

While more charging points are appearing across the country, being able to charge at home is great for peace of mind. It can even save you money, but we’ll come to that in a minute…

If you’re getting a home charger, it’s essential that you have the right charging kit for your vehicle. This guarantees your EV will charge properly and can help decrease your charging time (more on that below).

If you drive regularly, there’s nothing better than having instant access to a charging point right outside your home.

Can I use a standard wall outlet to charge my EV?

Yes, but it’s probably not the best approach.

A home charger can charge your vehicle up to three times faster than using a standard 3-pin plug. If you’re thinking of plugging your vehicle into a traditional wall outlet, it could takearound 35 hours to charge.

It’s alsosafer to use a dedicated home charging unit. Standard 3-pin sockets aren’t really designed for charging vehicles, and they can even be a fire hazard, so it’s not the best option.

With home chargers, there are severaldifferent types of plug used in Europe, so it can get a bit confusing. That’s whereRightchargecan help. They help you find a charger and plug that matches your vehicle. This way, you can start your day fully charged (and not worry about any range anxiety).

Will I save money with an EV home charging unit?

Yep. Public charging points will use a higher tariff to make a profit. When you charge at home you use your own energy, so you don’t have to pay that extra on top.

Plus, chargers are regulated to have a neat function called ‘smart charging’. This means you can set them to charge your vehicle at off-peak times (usually specific hours overnight). If you have an EV-friendly home energy tariff with off-peak electricity rates, this can really help bring down the charging costs.

Obviously, how much you pay to charge at home will depend on your energy provider. But, one thing’s for sure, price comparisons show thatcharging at public points or using traditional fuels is more expensivethan EV charging at home.

Interested in those EV-friendly tariffs? Well, as part of the process,Rightchargeoffers anEV-friendly tariff comparison service to find your best price.

Who will install the charging unit?

如果你把你的充电器Rightcharge, they’ll find a trusted, government-approved installer for you.

That means someone who knows the equipment will get you set up in no time, and you can just get on with driving.

Is there a Green Flag charging unit?

We don’t have our own charging unit, but that’s why we’re working withRightcharge, as they have units from a variety of manufacturers. This means you can find the right EV home charging solution for you and your vehicle.

If you’re looking for a home charger without the hassle,head toRightchargetoday.

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