Why should you do a vehicle history check?

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If you’re looking to buy a used vehicle, get a vehicle history check. It can reveal any pesky hidden details that might affect the vehicle’s quality, legality, or safety. The results may change how much you’d consider paying.

So, let’s look at why it’s so important to do a vehicle history check (and how you can get one).

MOT and tax

Having vehicle tax and a valid MOT is a legal necessity in the UK, unless the vehicle hasa SORN(这是合法的再保险gistered as ‘off the road’).

A vehicle history check can show your vehicle’s registered history and reveal if it’s always been kept up to. Date with its tax and MOT. If it shows any unexplained gaps, definitely ask questions to find out more.

If a vehicle has had a SORN for any extended amount of time, do some thorough checks to make sure it runs properly. Vehicles can deteriorate if not used regularly.

Colour or number plate changes

People can make a lot of cosmetic changes to their vehicles; it’s the beauty of personalisation. Well, beauty can be pretty subjective, and a bad paint job could eventually cause peeling, bubbles, wrinkles – all sorts of horrid results.

It’s good to know any changes so they can be checked and potentially repaired before you buy.

And personalised number plates can be fun. But, again, this one’s pretty subjective.

A changed number platecouldalso indicate something that lands you in troubled waters…

Find out if it’s stolen

We know, it’s a slim chance, but it’s a chance nonetheless.

Some used cars will find their way onto the market after being stolen. It’s important to not get caught out, as you may have to deal with any legal disputes (that didn’t really have anything to do with you).

Cosmetic or number plate changes, gaps in MOT or tax history, or any outstanding issues may indicate this. It’s always best to check.

Outstanding finance

If a vehicle has any loans associated with it, you may be responsible for paying them. You may think this is rare, but one in eight vehicleswe check has an active finance agreement or loan against it.

This could seriously affect your budget, so knowing the vehicle’s finance history is crucial before buying.

Fuel efficiency

Talking of outstanding finance, we all know how outstandingly expensive fuel can be.

When considering your used car options, it’s good to think about fuel efficiency. A vehicle history check can help you plan how often you’ll need to fill up and how much it’ll cost each time. Handy for anyone planning a budget.

How do I get a vehicle history check?

There are several available from different providers. We cover everything above and more in our very ownGreen Flag One Check service here.

Completing a vehicle history check could highlight serious issues in a vehicle’s past. Whoever you’re buying from, it’s best to check. A check can even be handy if a car’s brand new. It could highlight an issue with the vehicle’s importation or market valuation.

Whatever provider you use, we highly recommend getting a vehicle history check before you buy a car, especially for used vehicles.

You canfind out more about One Check here.

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